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This week, I was working like mad: mostly, at some more translations, at my workshop, that nobody attended to (feeling relieved actually :), and at the school starting on the 1st of September here.

To keep me sane, I was arting now and than though. Not for long, but a bit every day again and again to reactivate my right hemisphere and to relax. So a couple of lovely faces showed up and I'm really really happy they did.

The goddess of patience and perseverance inspired by the last (buhuhuh!) lesson at The Elements Of Art Journaling by Effy Wild
And a girl astound by some "Snow in July"
If you are on FB, you can see some of the stages of this piece here

And there are loads of new really crappy sketches in my sketch book. I really embrace the suckage, as to suck, but not to stop is the only way to improve, but, no, you can't see them here! And don't ask! Period! :)

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Teje said...

Hello Rita! What an exiting work - I love both of these! The first one has so beautiful colours (as the second one also) and because it seems to be in a book, it makes me want to catch a notebook and colours!
x Teje

bradchaelaleslie said...

Beautiful Rita!