My Share for Today: Transference the reBirth

The shore of the Baltic sea in Bernati/Latvia/Europe 

...Apparently up until this point the starseeds/lightworkers/indigos, etc. were the only anchors for this energy which meant we had to channel these ridiculously high frequencies thru our bodies alone, and while spread out all over the world, in order to ground the vibrations of universal love into the planet and assist the earth in her own ascension. We were the acupuncture needles required to open & stimulate the flow of chi through the crystalline grid. But as of the 11:11 and throughout 2012, the earth is aligning with her divine blueprint which means that we are now sharing the “burden” with her, which will of course make all our jobs way less cumbersome.  Gives new meaning to the phrase: many hands make “light” work : ))...                                         Lauren C. Gorgo
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