My Share for Today - Today I'm Going to Start Living As An Artist

1. I’m going to listen with my senses.
2. I’m going to take slow, free steps so the Muse has opportunity to guide.
3. I’m going to own my decisions with Grace and not Ego. [Which means, mistakes are welcome.]
4. I’m going to remember the noise and the emptiness subside in direct proportion to my listening. [See #1]
5. I’m going to take risks and obey desires, trusting the voice within to protect or leave me vulnerable as appropriate.
6. I’m going to sit with my brokenness.
7. I’m going to create “just because” art. ... Mandy
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Gina said...

And so should we all! :D XXX

Vale ♥ said...

This post is so great ! Happy 2012 and may all your goals be fulfilled !

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Harija said...

thank you so much for following me & following you back =)

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