My Creative Space - Blooming in Full

This week, I'm feeling pretty much like on an art retreat! The every day life didn't stop, there were even a couple of translations I worked at and one of my ex MILs visiting one afternoon, but, most of the time, I spent playing with art supplies inspired by Flora Bowley and her Bloom True e-course.
Now there are 12(!) paintings started since the beginning of the course. This one of them could be finished (one never knows, right? :) ).
And these are the phases it went through since the beginning.
And these are the rest of them in the current stage.

It is so much fun and such a deep learning! Not only for my art!
(Spent half of the day editing images for this post on my old, terribly overloaded and super slow Mac... Considering sharing less of my WIPs to have more time and energy for the actual creating process :).)

To see more creative spaces jump over to this site!


Gina said...

These are so fabulous Rita, you have really thrown yourself into this course...and it suits you :D XXX

Michelle Jaramillo said...

Wow! Those are all so beautiful! Inspiring!

Deanna said...

They are gorgeous Rita! I think the last one is my favorite so far. I look forward to seeing more.

Marjanne said...

I like them all, but I adore the last one!

supplies overflowing! said...

these are beautiful! Did I miss what they are painted on, and the medium?
Makes me want to get cracking-I mean painting!!

Cazamataz said...

love what you're creating here thanks for sharing....really appreciating the time you take to photograph and upload your art it's sooo inspiring to others Rita ... hear what you say though about the balance time doing this and actually arting as well...I am looking forward to seeing more, love to you xxxx