This week

This week, I haven't painted much, just continued working at this portrait
and at my part of a collective surprise gift (can't show it, or it wouldn't be a surprise any more, right?).

A couple of days have been mostly receptive, when I didn't feel well and just watched art videos and "Game of Thrones" (not that I like everything in this show, but I can't deny the talent of its creators). On other days I worked on my business: prepared and packed a sold painting and a couple of things sold on Etsy, answered requests of my customers, adjusted my offerings to their needs etc. The most exciting for me was the work on my portfolio and promotion on the RedBubble site.

But the main event of this week was yesterday: the arrival of our new family member Lesa, a 5 months young underbred dog girl with loads of doberman blood.
The whole event was short and pretty dramatic: as she was abandoned and strolled around in the village all by herself doing some damage here and there, the dog catchers were already there, when I arrived at the scene called by the friends of my daughter, who cared about her, but couldn't take her themselves. She has suffered much from her previous owners, I had to spend the first day carrying a 10-15 kg pup up and down the stares to get her in and out. But, actually, Lesa is settling in well and fast. Our cat lady isn't so happy about it, but starts to adjust to the new situation as well :)

Oh, almost forgot! Last Sunday I had a birthday and was bathing in (mostly online) love of my friends from all over the world! :D

As you might know,Thursday is the day of Creative Spaces. So jump over to this site and be ready for an inspirational blast!


Gina said...

I love the purple and gold background on your portrait...she is going to be another beauty :D And much love to you from the universe for protecting that lovely Leesa :D XXX

Nauli said...

Seems, that your week has been filled up with business.
Your new cute family member will keep you busy for the next weeks and months ;)
Enjoy your weekend!