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Last week, I added some more details to the cards for a swap. And I'm really starting to like, how they are turning out :)

But, mostly, I knitted this triangular scarf for my little sister.
As I really love the old Scottish pattern I figured out all by myself and the yarn (a mix of natural silk and alpaca wool), I really enjoyed the process. And the episodes of Doctor Who I was watching at the same time definitely added to the pleasure :)

But the main event of the week was no doubt the visit by one of my Facebook friends, the wonderful Canadian artist Gigi Butterfly.
Although we met for the first time in "real"  life, we felt like old friends and I cried like a baby after she left :)

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Gina said...

What a gorgeous gift for your sister, and having had the opportunity to meet online friends, I know exactly what you mean :D XXX

Sonja Milojevic said...

That scarf looks beautiful but hard to make! I think I'll never understand knitting! Great work Rita!

sascedar said...

the scarf looks so delicate and beautiful! :)sarah

Pink Pearl ® said...

Wow that sharf is Beautifull.
♥ it !!!!

Colours and Textures said...

The scarf is very lovely, looks really difficult to do. What a super pressie.
Glad the meet up went well.

becclebee said...

what a lovely scarf! It looks so light and beautiful! and how lovely to meet up with a new friend!