My Creative Space

Last week, I might have finished (one never knows, right? :) ) 2 mixed media pieces:

These flowers inspired by Christy Tomlinson's class in LifeBook 2013
(Sorry for the blurry pics: still no card reader and almost no day light here)

And this abstract on a piece of repurposed card board box

There are some more pieces in the works. I have moved on with the 4 apples

And continued working on this canvas. It's really puzzling me, because the frame turned out to be of irregular shape.

And, of course, I worked on new assignments in the CAPI course with Milliande. One of them makes me really ponder now: the idea of the Body of Art Work. Before last week, I didn't know about the importance of creating somewhat cohesive series for each selling artist. Now, I'm seriously pondering, if and how this could work for me being extremely versatile and liking to try and learn something new all the time. It would mean to stop watching art videos and trying to do something new as long, as I have stuck with one idea, explored it and created a series of at least a dozen. Wouldn't be completely new for me, as I often work on more than one surface at a time, but a dozen is a really huge number for me... :)

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Uddate: just joined another year long challenge Creative Every Day :)


Tee Thompson said...

a dozen is a large number, but consider that you might need to create a number of works to understand the concepts and techniques. By then, you've developed it into your own style and worked it till it's second nature.

I kind of like the number. Great tip and certainly something to think about.

Kyra said...

You know, i really like that purple canvas. I understand it's irregular, so what if you attached it to a larger one behind it, like a stacked piece?