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Last week, I had only a couple of small translation jobs. Money is tough and might get even tougher, if I don't get more work very soon. And my body decided to play naughty and jumped into a fibromyalgic flare as well. The constant pain and foggy brain makes me tired, but it's bearable.

Even more than that, talks about printing and gel plates in some of the art groups I'm in, and, especially, some videos about it inspired me to create some lovely paper sheets (20 to be precise) using monotyping for the first time ever and a couple of other techniques on top of the print. These are some of my favorites so far, but I haven't stopped working even on them :)

I really love the process (especially, the unpredictability of each print) and the fact, that I can use just what I have and get results I really like. Most of the sheets are pages from my kids' old school work books and I do the printing on my kitchen table (round 90 cm in diameter) just covering it up with some pretty thick plastic sheet. :) And creating series comes all natural with it as well, as there is always too much paint for just one sheet of paper :)

The creative juices are flowing even more at ease after I stumbled upon really inspiring and down-to-earth videos by the American artist Skye Taylor. This is the one I like the most so far.

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Kat Lakie said...

I love what you're doing Rita, those pages are great.

nini said...

These look so nice, I'd never say they had bases from work books.

I hope you'll be feeling well soon.
And about the job part.... it's getting tougher everywhere :(

Anne Marie Morris said...

Your work is quite beautiful. A new follower via FGC