Finished Mixed Media Pieces and Some Super Exciting News

After the huge boost to my artist confidence, I have painted more or less every day last week. 2 mixed media pieces are, most probably, finished.  And 7 new creations were started and are in various stages of completion now: 6 at home and 1 in the Evening Studio.

This one was created using a piece of corrugated card board from a repurposed box, paper scraps and acrylics in many layers.

The result is pretty much a surprise to me considering the stages it went through :)

This one was created on a canvas of a slightly irregular shape.

Another surprise as well after all these stages :)

And, now, to the super exciting news my Facebook friends have heard already. On Wednesday, I showed best of my small works to the mentor of the Evening Studio just to illustrate, where I am in my development as an artist. He seemed pleased and surprised by quite a number of them and CHOSE THESE 4 TO BE EXHIBITED IN A SHOW THE STUDIO IS PUTTING UP NEXT WEEK IN THE COMMUNITY CENTER OF MY HOME TOWN!

Honestly, I still can't believe it completely :) The feelings are just overwhelming! It feels like a miracle! So many pieces are starting to fall in place at once! As both my youngest kids want to continue their education in the town as well, I hope we can move there this or next summer to make the practical and financial side of this development a bit easier.

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Anonymous said...

congratulations, Rita!

Amazing all those layers you use and how it comes together in the end, love it!

Gina said...

Now you can see when I said you had inspired me to paint my "bubble people" These are the images I saw you paint as studies and they "spoke" to me...wonderful images and fabulous news :D XXX

Kalona said...

Well done Rita, so deserving!! xxx

nini said...

This is great news all around and I'm happy for you. Keep going! :)

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Again, a huge congratulations - I think each piece is absolutely stunning! hugs, Donna