Wonderful Reminder

Today, I woke up to this wonderful reminder form Marc Gafni:

This is our time to awaken. You know that it is true. It is why you are taking this course. I am only here to remind you. It is my honor and privilege.

A fish does not say to itself, "Why am I in water? I yearn to be on dry land." You are filled with an inconsolable longing for the grace and goodness which lies just beyond the surface of your experience. But grace seems always just beyond your plans.

You know, in the heart opening moments, when truth breaks into your routines, that you are a spiritual being in human form. You know that you are not extra. You know that you are special. Not more special then your friend. Special without any point of reference or comparison.

You know that the purpose of your life is to uniquely incarnate, in the story of your life, the love intelligence which governs the universe. This is the deepest truth of your very own being. You have one choice to make: Are you willing to utter a sacred Yes to your conscious participation in the evolution of your soul?

You say to yourself, "It's my life, I can live it as I want to. Get off of me."

That is your mistake. You are an in-dividual, which can be literally translated as "not divided from the whole". You are a gorgeously unique part, and in your essence you remain undivided from the whole. Undivided from the the good, the true, and the beautiful. Undivided from your larger self.

The choice is yours and yours alone. Do you want to live as an isolated ego, deluded into thinking that all you are is your small separate self? Do you want to rely on the strength and power of that isolated self to lift you up and guide you? Or do you want to open your heart as love and feel:

all the power
and all the glory
and all of the love
and all the goodness
that ever was, is, and will be,
pouring in to you,
through you and as you,
raising you up,
and taking you home?

This is the choice. It is the choice between living disguised as your Ego, or taking off the mask and shining as your Unique Self. Your Unique Self is God's love signature written all over you. God loved you so much he personalized himself as you. You are the individualized heart and mind of God. This is your Unique Self.

To live as your Unique self means to align yourself with the evolutionary impulse that initiated the creative process and that even as we speak recreates all of reality in every second of existence. To live as your Unique Self means to be personally addressed by the Kosmos who waits for your partnership and needs your gifts.

The spiritual technology of Unique Self is for you if you are willing to break your ego's agreement with mediocrity and reveal the unique patterns of excellence that are the power of You.

Are you ready to respond to the invitation of the love-intelligence that wants desperately to show up through and as you in the world? I know that you are!

The love-beauty that is the divine wants to see with your eyes, and love with your heart.

Big Heart, The Tao, The Great One, The Universal Mind, wants to come into its own as each and every one of us. For this to happen you have to be willing to hear the call of the evolutionary impulse of the Kosmos beating in you as your heart, your yearning and your desire.

To do this you do not need to leave your small self ego behind. You only need to leave your identification with your small self-ego behind. You will then be able to identify with the truth. The truth is the unlimited desire of the mind of God -- the mind of love-intelligence -- to come into its own by manifesting through, and as, us.

Do you yearn for free spontaneous original action that well up from the depths of God appearing in you as You? Are you finally tired enough of being a living reaction that you are willing to give it up? Are you tired of your constant reaction which causes your constant contraction?

Are you here to survive in your physical body? I hope not because you will not. Are you here to get rich or get famous? I hope not, because as mama said, You cannot take it with you.

When you clarify your desire you know what you truly want. You want to live aligned with the highest intention of God for You in the life of God.

You are here to live God's Unique Self as You.

Your Unique Self is the way of loving, laughing and living in the world that is you and yours alone to live.

You are here to be the poem that only you can be.

You are here to sing the song that only you can sing.

You are here to be the Unique Presence of Being in the World that no one else but you can be.

You are here to incarnate the face of God in whatever activity you are activating.

You are to consciously choose the awareness that you are deployed as your Unique Presence, regardless of what your particular part might be this time around.

Who are You?

You are a messenger who has forgotten his message. You have not only forgotten. You have forgotten that you have forgotten. This course is to help you remember that you have forgotten.

You, the messenger, are the message. You were called to this existence to share the fully original teaching which is you. This is the very source of your existence. You are here to write your letter in the Kosmic scroll. It is living in accordance with the law of your letter that is the radiance and purpose of your life.

Take this course not merely to gain information or even wisdom about the nature of what is. Take this course to make your self open and available, right now, to God living in you, through you, and as you.

As you become more open and more available, you will become more aware. You will become aware of the power and presence of love, of which you are its image.

You are the very image and likeness of the divine substance which yearns to express itself uniquely through your life.

You are the way God looks back at himself when he sees you. You are a Unique glimmering of the divine mind. You are a unique emanation of the essence desperately needed and passionately desired by God and man.

Do not look for your satisfaction in what the world has to give to you. Discover instead what gifts you have to give to the world, and there you will find your joy. Open you heart as love and let your inner splendor escape.

Surrender not to any person, not to any power, nor to any tyranny. Surrender in joy only to the awareness that your Unique life is the life of God.

Why are you here in the world? You are here to live the answer to one question: What is God's idea of itself as my life?

Source seeks to emerge in you, through you, and as you. Living as imitation your are lost. You have tried all the paths of imitation and you know this to be true. Living as the original you were meant to be, you realize that You are Source.

You are willing to give up all that is not you. The only real heresy that is possible is to think that when the universe manifested you, it broke its rule of originality and necessity and you came as a carbon copy extra. Your being is realized in your becoming. You cannot be anything you are not willing to become.

As the old gospel saying goes, "Let Go and Let God." Let Your Unique Self roar its mighty roar as King.

Let the God times roll.

In Outrageous Love


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