Working With My First Chakra

Last week has been pretty turbulent for me and my family because of my son and his spouse visiting us from Canada.

So I'm really late with my post, but better late than never, right?

Last Monday, I discovered the ChakrART FREE Workshop with Simona Cordara. Somehow, the idea really spoke to me, so I joined the Facebook group and worked with my root chakra more or less every day of the last week. And this is, how far I got with my process yesterday.

It's something really unusual for me, but I really liked the process and am still adding patterns to it. :) I have never been good at doodles or zen tangles, but the process is very meditative for me and I really like to spend my time with it. Might start working with the next chakra tomorrow.

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Simona Cordara said...

Love your artwork so much! It's always good to try new media. And doodling is really useful for meditation :) Cannot wait to see your next chakras!

Gina said...

Such a feeling of peace and contentment flowing from this piece. You must really have enjoyed seeing your son again :D XXX

Zena said...

Beautiful image, I find this subject very appealing as I´ve been working with chrakras but not through art, I will follow the link. Thanks so much!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

I do like this very much. I do feel the peace in this as well.