My Share for Today - The Flow of Receiving

Today, I received a newsletter from Pamela & Gerrit from the www.jeshua.net.

This paragraph from a new channeling really captured my attention:

"Imagine that in your solar plexus lives a small figure, a man or a woman, a figure that represents your ego, and look at it very objectively. Does that figure reach forward and try to order everything? Or does that figure back away because it is all too much, too overwhelming, and calls up too much fear within it? Look what movement your ego is tempted to make, toward or away from. Finally, imagine that your ego is balanced and that this figure in your solar plexus is in an upright, standing position. It is connected with your soul and the Heavens from above, and with your body and the Earth from below. Feel how supportive and liberating that is for your ego, for your personality. Everything becomes freer and more fluid. It is a gentle flow of unconditional love. Allow this flow to happen, and allow it to uplift you."

I tried to apply it, and it really worked! I felt much better right away!

So I read the whole channeling "The Flow of Receiving in Your Life" under the tab "Earth speaks". It was a bit long, but, oh, so worth reading, as it really resonated with my heart and soul so perfectly, and with my Ego! :)

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