Your Calling and Your Ego

One of my Facebook contacts shared a link to an article by Shelley Prevost today. It resonated too much with me not to share it with you. So, here you go!

"Your ego and your "calling" in life can look surprisingly similar. Both pull you toward the realization of your desires. Both can completely consume your waking (and sometimes sleeping) hours with frenetic thoughts and sparks of brilliance. They can also manifest very similar outcomes--money, fame, and power. And they can both leave you feeling exhausted.

Ego is necessary and important because it does the work to assemble your personality. It manages your fragile identity while you figure out who you are. It protects you from the onslaught of societal expectations and motivates you to work hard and achieve great things.
But ego alone can also skew you toward thinking that hard work and achievement are the goals in life.
If your ego is what assembles your personality and manages your identity, then your calling is invested in making sure it's authentic--who you really are--not just a persona you show the world.
Here are some ways to decipher which one is really driving your work.

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