Integrating Your True Self

Today, I discovered this new 5D Report from Lauren C. Gorgo in one of my i-boxes.

Inter alia, she writes:

"When we (unconsciously) resist the downloads, the energies tend to coalesce in the body and get trapped in our cells creating more intense symptoms than need be.  I know many are having a difficult time assimilating, but relief and assistance are available at all times, and the golden ray of light (with intention) works wonders, miracles even.  It is also advisable to ask for assistance when needed, there is so much unused help available to those who are embodying at this time, but we have to remember to give our consent.  No need to be a superhero…it takes a hero just be on earth at this time."

I would love to help you with this.
Just drop me a line here or at ritajc[at]inbox[dot]lv or Facebook and let's give it a try!

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