Relax and Let Me Help You

Today, I stumbled upon this article by Bronte Reilly about finding a healthy balance in her life.

Inter altem, she writes:

"It was only by giving myself permission to be less than perfect that I finally made progress. Here's what I did: I stopped trying to incorporate every philosophy from every book I read into my morning meditation practice, my yoga practice, my diet, my workouts. I didn’t stop taking advice. I just stopped trying to do everything at once."

How many of us are still trying "to do everything at once"and be "perfect" in all that we are doing, whatever our mind is suggesting that would be.

The article is compact and rich, and makes so much sense, at least to me.

As a certified coach, that's what I do: I help people to relax and find their way out of the dictatorship of their fears and beliefs.

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