The Right Question

There is a situation around my seventeen years old daughter right now: she's alone outside the country without a return ticket and having a slight health issue.

She's a smart young woman and I'm sure she's handling it. I support her as much as I can from here, more precisely - as much as she lets me.

I don't think or worry much about it, as I know, that my worries would help neither her, nor me.

But every morning, before I'm completely awake, I start seeing horror movies in my imagination about me "losing her".

The emotions I'm experiencing feel like foreigners in my body, because I don't even believe in the possibility of actually having and losing somebody or something any more.

This morning, I even started crying because of the intense feeling of fear and powerlessness.

So, I sat with that energy, showed my understanding and compassion towards it, thanked it for making me a good mom and putting her needs before my own day in and day out all these years, while tapping on my collarbone.

I tried to help that energy to understand, that I don't "have" my daughter , so, it's impossible to "lose" her, that this irrational fear is not helping anybody in the current situation. That didn't change much.

But then, I had a slight hunch, that it's not "my" energy, that it just showed up in my body because it is stuck and needs my help.

So, still crying, I asked the energy: "Dear friend, would you be willing to return into the flow?"

And got the answer: "With pleasure!"

Poof! All the intense irrational feelings were gone. I could dry off my tears and start my day.

Are you feeling overwhelming emotions and feeling stuck in them?

Would you like to enjoy your life with more freedom, power and joy?

Do you have questions about the technique I'm using?
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