The Merry Writing Group on Facebook

Last Saturday, a new friend mentioned the book "Key Person of Influence" by Daniel Priestley. I googled it right away, found it for free as a pdf, downloaded and started reading. Half way through, it all still resonates with me 100%.

Yesterday, a phrase from Daniel's text struck dead the last argument of my mind against me juts sitting down, writing, and publishing that damn peace stuck in my creative birth canal for much too long, with some parts of it hanging out already in form of blog posts and Word files on my computer.

So, this is the post I made on Facebook:

"Have you ever considered writing a book? I have, for years and decades actually. Just read theses words by Daniel Priestly: "In the process of writing all those words you will clarify your thinking, refine your ideas and generate intellectual property." The last part is something I never thought about. But it's so obvious, isn't it? So, I'm absolutely committed to start working on my first book right away.
Are you with me?"

Today, I created a new group for that over there: Merry Writing with Rita JC :)

It feels absolutely merry and effortless. Peaces are falling into place, I am remembering tools and info that I have gathered over the years, even the name of the group came to me effortlessly during a walk with my dog. :)

So, another exciting thing is happening in my life!

Feel free to join the fun if you like! But hurry up! It's free only for the first 20 members ;)

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