Flower bed on my balcony / Puķu dobe uz mana balkona 18.05.2009

As you can see, one seedling did not survive and two don't do very well (do you see the blooming apple tree?).
Kā jūs varat redzēt, viens stādiņš neizdzīvoja un divi nejūtas sevišķi labi (vai redzat ziedošo ābeli?).

I bought a new one for the empty space, but will wait until a better moon phase for planting. Esmu nopirkusi vienu jaunu tukšajai vietai, bet pagaidīšu mēness fāzi, kas labvēlīgāka stādīšanai.


BlueTerracotta said...

These look like a great success! You seem to have a green thumb even though your cat doesn't want to help!

ingermaaike said...

Soon they will start to really grow and fill you planter with happy flowers!

Rita from said...

Thank you, girls, so much! I hope, it will happen like this!

Nicole said...

Your plants will start blooming beautifully.... which is more than I have. :) Next year..... The tree in the back ground is beautiful.