I was chosen as the winner of the last weeks EST challenge "Enchanted Forest" hosted by Laura aka BlueTerracotta. It was a big surprise and I was absolutely unprepared. My youngest son was not asleep yet and suggested some ideas. When he said "school", it hit me: "Old School". You can find many definitions on the web, but I would say anything handmade is old school anyway. So can't wait to see the interpretations of this theme by other European etsians.

A short reminder of the "rules" for newcomers:
The deadline is next Monday 21:00 CET. It has to be something created for the challenge or at least finished and listed in this week. It can be showed somewhere else. Please, take at least one picture from your creation, upload it somewhere on the web and send me the link as convo on etsy.


Queen of Spades Fan Brooch by binkaminka

You Can't go Wrong with Pearls by staroftheeast

Braided Leather Sterling Labradorite Necklace by steinschmuckdesign

Lewis Carroll on a Brooch by dinafragola
Old School Hat by kraplap

Circle Pendant Necklace by DeerLola

Autumn ruffles felted purse by ingermaaike

Dune, a Camel Bag by LaTouchables

Big Grimoire, Leather Journal, Notebook Suede by kreativlink

Sapphire Rose Love Garden Tiara for Weddings by ayawedding


DeerLola said...

Congrats again on winning the challenge Rita ! I love the theme and look forward to participating...

ayatasarim said...

congrats dear:) lovely new theme challenge

Kreativlink said...

Uh! I forgot about the challenge this week. Have to hurry now :D

Rose Works Jewelry said...

All those items are lovely - And your hat is really unique!

Emily said...

This challenge looks so fun! The entries are most inspirational!
~Emily xx