Monday Moodboard and a Find

To see other collections of beautiful hand made works by European artists visit Fleurfatale's blog .
Another find of today: a news letter by an Etsy colleague:

This week I would like to focus on three topics blogging, 
top rated Etsy items, and wholesaling your handmade goods.

First off blogging.  As you know I love to blog. You signed
up for this newsletter from my blog.  My blog averages about
10,000 visitors per month maybe less maybe more.  I am starting
a and exciting project and it starts with helping you gain more
exposure for your blog.  I am looking for all types of blogs
and blog posts to feature over on my blog and eventually
my new site.  These blog posts can be about anything, handmade
features, how-tos... you name it... When you submit your post
I will review it, once it is featured I will give you a heads

To submit your posts just head over to my blog:

Second is some top rated Etsy items.  You may not know, but
I have been working close with Handmade Compete on a new
Etsy item Critiquing System.  It launched last week and
the results are rolling in. This system allows sellers and buyers
to critique every item on Etsy. This system will allow buyers to
get a feel for what others are thinking about their items.

You can find the top 10 rated Etsy items here:

Lastly wholesaling your handmade goods.

I have personally sold my metal in 15 galleries around the
country.  Some of these have been wholesale accounts and
some consignment.  My best experience has been with the wholesale accounts.
There is less work involved as far as managing your products goes.
You need to be very organized and present yourself professionally.
One of the ways to stay organized to use a product line sheet.
This is something that I did not use when I was wholesaling or even
consigning.  Another Etsian who is super successful at wholesaling
is putting together an amazing wholesale line sheet kit.  She is
not finished with it yet, but I am super excited for this cause
I really want to get back into wholesaling. When she is finished I will
send you the link.

Have a great week,


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strong and impactful blue!

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