Winter in Latvia

Right now, it's really wintery even here next to the sea: loads of snow and some frost. Today the sun is out and it's brighter as in summer time. The drift in the center of our yard is our car not used for 3 months: my boyfriend works abroad, but I don't have the license and hate to drive actually.


kraplap said...

wow that is a massive amount of snow !

Annuk said...

Wow, now -- THIS is snow!!! I wouldn't realize it was a car if you hadn't pointed it out :)!
Happy holidays Rita, hope your boyfriend will be back to start the New Year together!

Nancy van den Boom said...

So much snow Rita. Beautiful light you captured here.

Rita alias alatvian said...

Thank you Nancy!
Yes, we've got loads of snow here this year.
But it's actually nothing special.
The winters of my childhood were all like this (at least in my memories :)

Rita alias alatvian said...

OMG! It's snowing again!
My BF is here and will have to work even more to dig it out! :)