My Share for Today - Purpose or Perfection?

There is always alignment between your path and your beliefs, your life journey and purpose, the healing you have come to do and the experiences that you create for its accomplishment. Your highest purpose is the most powerful aspect that you are capable of at any moment. This is part of your soul agreement with Source and there is no single way to heaven on earth for anyone. Each one will arrive at their own pace and in their own time. To be aligned with your purpose is to be on your own path in each moment and this is all you can do. It is perfect.

The Universe never demands our perfection for it exists in all things, at all times and in all ways. Do you question the perfection of a flower or the ocean? Then why do you question your own perfection? Purpose exists in perfection but your purpose is not fulfilled by your becoming 'perfect'. You must begin at the point of perfection and know that you move from one aspect of perfection to another. Your purpose is to heal, not to be perfect. Perfection is not achieved in being better or the best, in having the most or being the fastest. It is who and what you are in the eyes of Source.

Your purpose exists in perfection at all times, even in those times when you feel afraid, lost, believe that you are not living up to your true potential or are unsure of your true purpose. You live your purpose in each moment and it includes all of your doubts and fears. Overcoming those is part of your purpose, as is having the courage to accept yourselves as who you are in each moment. The greatest gift you can give to yourself is to recognize your perfection so you can focus on the true purpose of your life path, which is to become a co-creator with spirit.

There is no purpose in seeking perfection, for it already exists. There is purpose in seeking truth, in shining your light and in being unafraid of criticism or of doubt. You are each a light of God, a beacon of the divine light of unconditional love and this is your perfection. Your purpose is to be who you are, to shine your light to the world and to honor yourselves and everyone else in their perfection. Then you can focus your energy on expanding from one aspect of perfection to another, moving through dimensions of time and energetic vibration as you align yourselves with the truth of your being and find joy in your perfection to create your heaven on earth.                                Archangel Uriel through Jennifer Hoffman

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