My Creative Space - Another Happy for Rita

I have to admit: lately, new artistic friendships are having the most inspiring impact on me and my days.
I received this lot of wonderful goodies from one of the new friends in UK a couple of weeks ago. Take a look, what this gift has inspired me to!
 The cover of my new art journal

Some backgrounds in my new art journal

And be sure: this is just the beginning! :)

Thank you so very much, dear Carol!

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Teje said...

Hi! That is really beautiful! I love the colours and figures!
xxx Teje

maraki said...

This looks great Rita!

Dianna said...

Hi Rita, I love your journal spreads and can't wait to see what you add to them!

FishesMakeWishes said...

really beautiful colors and shapes!

Jeanette House [aka Maisy] said...

What fantastic happy mail! And I *love* what you did on your pages - gorgeous. xo

Rie said...

What a great surprise in the post box = lovely! And your art journal is looking fab too!

Cazamataz said...

What gorgeous backgrounds you've created...i am pleased you enjoyed playing with your goodies ..your journal pages are great xxx