Another Blissful Day

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This isn't an easy day for my body: it's full moon, stormy weather, and my daughter and our dog sleeping in my bed last night made my sleep rather scarce. So I'm slow today (even let my daughter cook part of the dinner, while I was sleeping out my headache).

Woke up to a call from a dear soul sister from Netherlands, who offered me support and help with my exercises in the Awakening Your Unique Self Course. My heart flows over with appreciation! I really love the course and all the wonderful souls I meet there! Long live the internet for making this possible!

After the call I stumbled upon this text by another soul sister:

"We have no real need of systems of belief and religions to connect us to the Divine. We are not damaged or broken or sinful, rather we are perfect children of the Divine who have "fallen" into illusion, and now is the time to move through that illusion and find our original perfection and light."

YES! YES! and YES! :)

And, now, I'm up to revamp my blog so my dear readers can read it more easily.
Please, tell me, if this is better for you!
Love you all! Hope you have a great week end.

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