Over The Moon :)

On Friday, I started to work through the book Get Rich, Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas. And I really mean "working through", not only reading. I love everything about it: the language (especially the strong words on the right places), the benevolence of the author I feel towards me, the directness and honesty, the practicality. Interestingly, I discovered some suggestions I had started to practice intuitively even before stumbling upon the book. So, this text really resonates with me and HAS STARTED TO WORK FOR ME ALREADY!!!
1. I feel better and better about money and being rich!
2. I wasn't quite through the first half of it, when I had a sale on Etsy after more than a month of absolute silence over there (after more than 2 months of silence in that particular Etsy shop, to be precise). How cool is that?!!!

Believe me, I'm not an affiliate or such, but I don't know anything better to suggest, if you are sick of feeling and being poor :)

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