Flower bed on my balcony / Puķu dobe uz mana balkona 25.05.09

My flowers are still small, but trees are blooming so beautiful now! / Manas puķes vēl joprojām ir mazas, bet koki pašlaik zied tik skaisti!

I haven't planted the new seedling yet, will do it later this week. / Vēl neesmu iestādījusi jauno stādu, izdarīšu to vēlāk šonedēļ.

To see the beginning of the story, please, look into the archive! / Lai uzzinātu stāsta sākumu, lūdzu, ieskatieties arhīvā!


Lyon said...
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Jane_Bo said...

Lovely flower and blooming trees!

Rita from said...

Thanks, Jane! To see the beginning of this story see elder posts!

Sigmosaics said...

glad that everything is warming up for you over there!! blossom is so pretty .. and your pots will be growing soon enough :)