Cheap, but gorgeous!

This is the theme of the EST challenge for this week. I didn't win the previous one, but am still in charge for this one! LOL

Times are hard now, but people, especially women, want to look and feel good and everybody needs to earn it's living and sell it's work. So let's try to use recycled or other not expensive supplies to create something beautiful!!! Good luck!!!

When you would like to participate, you have to be a member of Etsy Europeans Street Team, to create and list an item on your Etsy shop in the time from now to 20 PM CET on 01.06.2009 and to convo me your entry. When you are not a member of EST, you can participate, but I'm sorry to say, you can't win the challenge, t.i., become the host of the next one.

Warning! I'm an absolute beginner in blogging and far from perfection in English!!! Please, be patient with me and don't expect too much. :D Thank you.

The winner of the challenge is Vilte with her Nuno Felt Hand/Head Band!!! Congratulations!!!

Cork and Hot Pink Earrings with Wooden Beads Silver by amoronia

Silk Lady Necklace by fleurfatale

Skinny Nunofelted Summer Fluff by ingermaaike

Wise Owl Baby Pin by psarokokalo

Fruity Gemstone - Ring - Fruit Tart Collection by petitplat

Owl Earrings by sumikoshop

Rose - Elegant, beautiful Necklace by periay

Crazy Jeans, Fabric Journal, Softcover by kreativlink

Pair of Sweet Little Pearly Pins by sorelinna

Tulle Flower Earrings by antigoni

Nuno Felted Scaflette/Belt/Headband Blue Flowers by JaneBoFelt

Black Leaves with Metallic Copper Finish Earring Studs Polymer Clay by MistyAurora

Cheap but Gorgeous Swarovski Cross Light Pink Necklace by neraidodhmiourgies

Nuno Felt Hand/Head Band by vilte

Sweet Little Copper Earrings with Green Bead by DeerLola

The Siddhartha -- The Reusable Shopping Bag/Tote by LaTouchables

Red and Brown Skinny Stile Bubble Scarf Freeform Crochet AOD by Ayca

Luck Earrings by binkaminka

Romantic Spring Earrings by bijouxdellostregatto

Cheap and Gorgeous Bracelet and Earring Set by staroftheeast

Silk Fabric necklace with Crocheted Accents by nevousinstallezpas

Sandals with Red Crochet Flowers by creationsbyeve

Sterling Silver and Needlecraft together with Amehyist by aysetugrul

Jeans and Plaid Hat by karmologyclinic

Baby's Breath by kraplap

Anya Gold Pendant with Ametist by Arctida

Cheap but Gorgeous Bolero Shrug by warmandsoft

My Pretty Pink Bow Super Kawaii Necklace by dinafragola

Cheap but Gorgeous - White and Blue Sakura Ring by ZsBcreations


Kreativlink said...

Yeah! Clever challenge. I'm already curioius to see all the entries. :)

Meltem said...

Great theme Alatvian! Congrats for your new blog:)in

egdone said...

Hi Alatvian...Have fun with your blog...I will follow your works. Love...EGDONE

Periay said...
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Periay said...

Congrats Alatvian! enjoy with it.

RitaJC said...

Thank you so much, girls! I'm waiting for your entries! LOL

Ayşe Tuğrul said...

This time I want to make something This is very nice theme Thank you

I bijoux dello Stregatto said...

Very nice theme! And now "think, think; think, think" ......!

ingermaaike said...

Thank you very much for being the weeks host, looking forwards to the entries!

psarokokalo creative studio said...

congrats my friend! cool theme!!

RitaJC said...

Thank you so much, girls! It's a crazy day, but I love it!!!

Malene said...

Great theme...thanks for hosting :-)

Greet said...

I looove this challenge, have already an idea!!!

Sigmosaics said...

fabulous theme Alat .. and you are doing a superb job with your blog :-)

LeelaBijou said...

Beautiful theme! :)

Jane_Bo said...

Congrats, Rita! Nice theme!

Mitsy / ArtMind said...

Big congrats on winning the challenge, RIta! What a great theme and super entries so far! GO team! :)

X by Leina Neima said...

Congrats and great theme....

matchstickgirl said...

really great idea ....

*runs away to photo archives .....