Hilary Hahn aka PinkPianos aka AdornDesign

Hilary Hahn is my first partner in the Shop Swap & Blog action.

Look, what I've got from her!

Hillary about herself:

I grew up in Kentucky and have lived abroad in France. I currently live and work in Los Angeles, a city of dreams. I decided to start my own business adorndesign so that I could share more of what I love to create as an artist.

My blog allows me to reflect on projects and collaborate. Through my Pink Pianos site I connect with more artists and find stay inspired. I love to paint and design and this serves as a window into that world.

My Twitter profile page is, lots of friends follow me there.

In two years, I'd like to be selling my art. In five, designing artful places. Ten years? ... whoa that's a long time from now!
I love India and have aspirations of one day designing interiors there too.
Current projects include lots of vintage furniture restoration.

At present my favorite online shop is Namolio, although I constanly mark favorites on Etsy, I keep going back there for a visit.

P.S. Sorry for the strange size of the pictures but blogger is spiteful to me today again. :)


Penrose Designs said...

Thank you for featuring Hillary - her work is lovely. This is my favorite:


Hilary said...

Rita, thank you for hosting me here.
So glad to be sharing work with those of you in around the world!