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As some of you know, I'm participating in the e-course The Elements of Art Journaling by Effy Wild. And I'm feeling terrific! Effy and the whole e-course family is so loving and supporting in spite of tough times some of us are going through right now!

Here you can see the spreads I worked (and am still working) at this week devoted to Air. Would you like to see my attempts from the first two weeks? I blogged about them here and here. Keen to see at least some spreads of other participants? Our groups at Wild Precious Studio and Facebook are closed, but you can go to our Flickr group and be inspired! Can you believe, it is created by "ordinary chicks" of all ages? If I wouldn't be one of them, I couldn't! But now I just soak in this flow of love and creativity and adventure!
The only hassle is to stop arting to do anything else! Believe me, being a freelancer and a single mom of 2 teens and 2 cats, there would be loads to do every day. Have reduced it to the absolute minimum for these 6 weeks. Thank goodness, my babies don't mind :)!
And actually there is one more headache for me: the lack of art supplies! Effy and the other Wild Precious chicks are sharing so many creative ideas I'd love to try out right away, but you can't do it with thin air! Hoping to get some new stuff to play with next Monday, when I'll be in town (could you, please, cross something for me, so it isn't hell-ish expensive?).

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Seaweed and Raine said...

Hi Rita!
Your art works are looking good :)
Hope you get the materials you need at super fabulous prices next week!
Thanks for joining up the sunshine in the mail swap. I can't wait to see what everyone does!!! :)
Have a great weekend.

Kristine said...

Loving your blog ... I am enjoying connecting with all these Creative Women online ... Thanks, I am now "officially" a member here :)

PS - I also have a Photography Journey blog - Come over for a visit!

Cazamataz said...

Hi there great to read your your pages so far for EOAJ and thankyou for popping my my blog to leave a comment... cazxxxxx