My Creative Space - Mixed Media on Paper

A week is over again, and it's time to show you, what's going on in my creative space. What can I say? It was a very creative week, and I'm still re-discovering paper and the many fun ways to create on it and with it! The results?

Another Water spread at "The Elements of Art Journaling" by Effy Wild - my first almost only in acrylics!

A lily in oil pastels for the
Illustration Friday theme "Obsession"

A sketch for the

Two mixed media pieces for the
A small one

and an A3 one
(Especially happy, how this turned out! :)

Now, I'm at a very meditative stage with this mixed media piece, slowly emerging out of loads of different impulses
I'm happy with all this, still having one big issue though: new impulses from all sides seem to swap me in a effervescent ocean of inspiration without any shores and islands. Thank goodness, the challenges have got deadlines! But often I'm too late to participate. For now, it's really hard for me to surface from the swirls and streams of ideas and get to the actual creating. Any suggestions?

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Dina Fragola said...

Not sure how to "lead" the creative flow, I'd say just go along with it. What you've done so far is so pretty!

Lucie said...

Follow your creative flow Rita :D

Creative Chaos Art said...

I love the textures on your A3 tree piece for "Summer", it's beautiful!

Katie said...

Love all of these pieces - those sunflowers are just gorgeous :-)

Silver Threads of Happiness said...

Beautiful artwork, I particularly love the one with the tree! So lovely to 'meet' you, I'm very excited to be receiving a parcel of sunshine filled goodies all the way from Latvia!

Julia said...

My goodness you have been busy!! I'm liking all of your different projects, but the two you did for the Being Creative Project are wonderful. I love the colours, the soft texture and the flow of the pictures you have created - a really great contribution to the Summer theme, thanks so much for taking part!
Love Julia x x x

Ali said...

OOh I love all your images. What different styles for all your subjects. Your large summer piece is beautiful - especially the shape of your tree. Love the sunflowers in both - lots of petals, you must have a lot of patience!
I often find it hard to get things out of my head and into action - I find Julia's topics help me focus...but time runs out...sometimes moving onto something else makes the thing I've left become clearer!
Hope you find your shore soon!

Rainy Day Crafter said...

I love your Being Creative pieces, especially the first one with the field of sunflowers!

Roberta Laliberte said...

Ohhh they all turned out so well but I especially love the tree on the hill of flowers Rita! Fabulous!

Donna said...

Love these pieces, especially the tree on the hillside covered in sunflowers.