My Creative Space - Supporting others

Lately, I'm working much less at my own creations as supporting my apprentices in creating theirs. I can say, I love to do so very very much! And it doesn't mean to be less creative for me at all, as each of the young persons I work with is absolutely unique and it gives me a deep satisfaction to help them to find and develop their uniqueness :)

And at least once a day, I'm adding something to my art journal as well or at least looking through my pages and supplies trying to find out, if, where and what wants to be added :)
This golden flower, f.e., is emerging slowly on one of my pages

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Erika Price said...

What a beautiful golden flower :)

Sonja Milojevic said...

Gorgeous flower! Is it hot glue gun and paint? It's really amazing.

Willa Tammisto said...

So beautuful :)

I hope you have time to check out my Christmas Calender Elfies.