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Last week wasn't very productive for me: we're living like in an a storage room because of all the things my oldest son left here. I have started to sort them out, but it is a hard task for me, as dealing with things and having to make thousands of decisions about their use and place is a total energy drainer for me...

As I said last time, I have started a new art journal though. And this is its cover so far. Might come back and add something to it later.
This is the front inside cover. The initial inspiration came from a live stream with Tee Thompson, but than I started to see those images emerging from the background without any idea, what it was. Now, it seams to me, it must be Pan and all the symbolism connected to him.

And there is one more spread I consider finished in my art journal. It was inspired by this equinox doll I received from the lovely Palma Rea along with a beautiful tag, pieces of craft paper and some tissue paper in a gorgeous lilac color the doll was wrapped in.
So I started my spread gluing down pieces of that tissue paper, taping on the tag and playing with paints trying to capture all the different colors from the doll. Later I used a flower stamp made by myself encouraged by the 52 Play Dates' videos by Jan Fox. And the spread was finished on a sunny note boosted by the gorgeous spring weather here and my body starting to feel better after I restarted to take supplements it needed.
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Gina said...

ooow Love that new journal you've started! So much texture, and the earthy tones are gorgeous. Not surprised Pan wanted to claim it for his own :D XXX

yaga said...

Awh, starting a new journal is always so exciting, istn't it? I love the cover, it looks so mystical!
And as always, I'm loving your artwork!
Stay inspired!!


Walk in the Woods said...

Lovely journal cover and page spreads too!

Sonja Milojevic said...

I am awarding you the Versatile Blogger Award! Visit my blog and pick it up! :)
Love your journals Rita! :)