My Creative Space

The last week was a pretty busy one for me again, but I still managed to create something every day, that makes me feel really happy.

I started and finished a page for the Life Book class with Wyanne .
And did the first exercise for an on-line workshop with Jane DesRosier  :)

I started and finished two spreads in my art journal as well. With the first one, I was pretty much stuck, until a spirit showed up and wanted to say something. It was Julia, who is believed to be the receiver of the first Valentine's note. No wonder, she wanted to remind me, that: "Faith and patience bears fruit. Always."
And this is the other one, featuring some paper and cards sent to me by one of my Sisters of the Book, the lovely Becky Young.
And I even made a little spring decoration for our place using eggs, flowers and hearts felted by me and the first spring flowers from our garden.
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l'actrice said...

You are like me. I love how creative you are:-)

Jo C. said...

Rita, I love how creative you are in all these different mediums. I ADORE your felted eggs and hearts!

Jo of Crafting the Sacred