Faces - #17 of 29

   This week, I have been really busy with translations and a commission for 20 children flower head wreaths. Especially, the last one is a job, that gave me loads of stress at the beginning, but, as soon, as I figured out, what I can do in the short time with the materials I could get, it became pretty boring. The good thing with that is, that prepping and gluing down hundreds of similar flowers I can catch up on the videos I wanted to watch for some time already :)
So Tamara Laporte's 3 hours long video art class on honoring our past  inspired me to start this piece I consider finished today and am really happy with the result, especially with the textural yumminess on the hair and the background (used even a home made paste to create it) :)

Tamara suggested to find some words to honor my past and to add them to the background. My words would be: I HONOR MY PAST FOR IT REVEALED WHO I AM, but I don't like adding words to my paintings, so I let some gold color patina symbolize my appreciation for everything I have experienced so far during this life time.

As Thursday is the day of Creative Spaces jump over to this site and be ready for an inspirational blast!


Gina said...

Oh my goodness Rita! I didn't think it was possible to make her more beautiful than she already was, but you have taken her to another level. Absolutely Exquisite!!!! :D XXX

Cathy said...

Hi: I love your portrait. She is so still, and peaceful. Thanks.

Jenny said...

She is truly darling Rita... awesome background... and love that the blue butterfly highlights her beautiful blue eyes...

Jenny x

Lucy Chen said...

Your portrait is very beautiful!
Adding text to a painting isn't really my thing, either. So I totally understand you.
I like them in Tam's paintings though. LOL