Faces - #23 of 29 and the first canvas started

Today, I'm extremely busy with a translation, 20 flower wreaths, and classes at school. So my face for the 29 faces challenge is only a quick sketch of my inner Frida with water soluble pencils. Unfortunately, I tried to add some water, but forgot about the kind of the paper :)
And this is a very significant day for me, as I started to work on my first ever canvas. It's tiny, but still, and I feel just AWESOMELICIOUS working on it!

Sorry for the pretty bad images, but it's 7 pm and not much of day light left here in the North. And did I say I'm in hurry? :)

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Gina said...

Fantastic pieces even for WIP's..and love that you are joining in our made up words too :D XXX