Faces - # 28 of 29

Today, I didn't find time and energy to paint, so my face for today is just a quick graphite sketch.

But, hey, there are some really good news: many of my new online friends like my art and some of them even want to buy some of my originals and prints. Really thrilled about that and starting to believe in me as an artist more and more. Had my last classes of this school year today, have to accomplish some really big tasks in the next couple of weeks, and than the exciting art summer can start! The Bloom True e-course with Flora Bowley starts at the 11th of June and thanks to the lovers of my art I'm in!!! I have the feeling it could be a real break through for me as an artist and person and really can't wait for it to start!


Gina said...

Huge congratulations Rita!! :D You have worked really hard, and deserve all the joy your art is now bringing you :D XXX

denthe said...

You'll love Flora's workshop! I did the first one in February and she's amazing! Congrats on starting to believe in yourself as an artist.Keep that feeling!