Faces - # 29 of 29

Today, I continued working at two faces. The first one is a real experiment for a Life Book class with Mystele.
The other one might be finished for real now :)
But a big part of the day, I spent fiddling on images of one of my mixed media paintings. As it is really hard to earn living from selling original art work even for established artists, my goal for the next future is to start seriously selling prints of my best works. After some research, I decided to upload my first high resolution images to this site and sold the first print right away (the buyer had previously asked me to sell a print to her). As a total beginner, I made a mistake in pricing and earned less than 2 euro for that, but that's OK. I still feel happy about it :)

What I don't feel so happy about to say the least is my tax report due in 2 days and barely started :)


Gina said...

You have definitely achieved a style that is totally your own, your faces are beautiful, and the halo is a lovely final touch :D XXX

Jenny said...

They are both so beautiful Rita... your style is stunning...

Jenny x

Ayala Art said...

Rita, it was great to meet you and play with you this past month, thanks for participating in the challenge!!