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The last week for me, was mostly occupied with a German/English to Latvian translation and settling in our new family member - the rescued doggie Lesa (more a Kelpie than a Doberman, as I first thought). The translation is pretty simple and boring, so there is a good chance I can deliver it before the deadline, if only my brain cooperates well enough (working at it makes me sleepy very quickly). Lesa is settling in very well, and the shyest and more aggressive of our cats is adjusting as well. Yesterday, they both slept on one bed already :)
As I can be really productive, when there are loads on my plate, I was arting every day as well. Among other things, the first two canvas-backgrounds were created for the Bloom True e-course with Flora Bowley.
Some more inspiring facts:
- a couple of nights ago, we had a gorgeous sunset
- received some great feedback from a happy customer in US about this boa
- received great feedback from a friend in UK about my first ever sold print
- a lilac tree is starting to bloom right across my studio window
It's a late bloomer (just like me), as lilacs have actually finished blooming in our village, and I love blooming lilacs!

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winnsangels said...

Your new pooch is beautiful. Today's picture and the one yesterday with your daughter - so impressive. And I totally adore your "HOPE" painting - not at all surprised that you received such positive feedback.

Gina said...

What a lovely look into your world Rita. my lilac has just faded and I miss it already :).That little dog is going to be a fabulous friend to your family, she looks so at peace, and will never forget your kindness. You have captured the colours of the sunset beautifully. look forward to seeing what you create on those backgrounds :D XXX

Introverted Art said...

Your pooch is adorable. I am glad she found a good home and that she is getting along with the cat ;-)

Cazamataz said...

Aww your cat and doggy are sharing the space your heart, and on 'their bed' well Rita.I am inspired by the richness and success you are making with your art love to you xxxx