Another May 2013 Report And A Great Haul

Yesterday, I found another inspired energetic report for May 2013, by Lauren from Think With Your Hart. It really spoke to me. "It's a cold hard fact that the only thing that can move us now is divine LOVE, and because this level of LOVE can be attained from within, there is nothing "out there" that can guide us or bring us that level of uncompromised joy." Read more of it here.

On a more practical note, I wanted to show you my haul from last Wednesday. As I needed to buy a new cage for our 2 naughty rat girls and some canvases, I found a friend ready to help us with her car (as some of you know, I don't own a car or even the licence and we live about 23 kilometers outside the town). So we went to the Home Depot where I found the right cage for the rats. A big and pretty expensive one, meant actually for degus, but the 2 of our 4 rats were taking over my sons room, so I had to do something radical. But I didn't stop there.

I found some great supplies for my art as well: 2 nice small rolls to use like brayers, a good white acrylic paint (meant for kitchen walls and ceilings), and a satin acrylic varnish (meant for wood) to use as fluid acrylic medium. Tried them all out the same day starting a new painting in the public studio. They work just great for me. Both, the paint and the varnish are of very high quality, completely waterproof when dry and cost much less than regular art supplies. As I say sometimes, it's the one huge benefit from living in almost constant poverty for my whole earth life: it forces me to be extremely creative in getting what I need for as less as possible or for free :)
As you can see, I have refilled part of the paint and varnish into recycled bottles for easier use. The pieces of plastic bags between the cans and the lids makes the opening after a while much easier (a thicker one works the best).

Happy art supplies hunting, everybody!


Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I invite you in my photoblog "photosphera"


Greetings from Italy


Von said...

Rita, I'm so pleased for you to have found what you need in an economical fashion as well. Bless your friends for helping with transport when needed. God bless and keep you well in all things!