Do We Need To Bee More Productive?

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"Oy... another blog post about productivity. Why you need to hear any more, and why would you even read a post, when you could be getting something done instead?

Well, that's just it: the problem isn't productivity. The truth is, we're already incredibly productive."

Does this make sense to you? Or does it at least intrigue you and make you think: "What the heck?!" :)

Take a look at the whole article by Mark Silver! We'd love to hear, what you think of it!


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Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

To be honest, Rita, I simply don't worry about it anymore. I have no one to answer to but me. It's a nice change. I LOVE what I do, and find myself working longer hours than probably I ever have, and thoroughly enjoying it because it's my passion. When I'm tired, I take a break. I can work longer or shorter as the need and energy dictates. Interesting isn't it! xodonna