We Are Born Again

Today, I received a newsletter from Lauren Gorgo with the link to her new 5D report, a really heartening one.

It looks like the seemingly never ending time of purging and morphing (at times - very painfully) could be over. *pheeeeew*

" our personal hologram begins to morph to reflect our true nature, we are simultaneously reconnecting with our cosmic creator power…remembering how to manage our balancing male-female forces with aplomb.  And as we begin to work more directly with the universal forces that are offered freely to those of pure heart & mind, the divine mechanism for creation activates in our DNA and we are able to enact our soul plans with perfection, quickly and effectively able to accomplish the impossible…to the extent that our well-honed capabilities will literally seem like magic to those around us."

And this is exactly, what I have started to experience partially since January already. And it seems like magic even to myself. :)

How about you? Has anything changed in the way you move in this world lately?

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