A New Look At Jesus

Sorting out my stash before the move, I found a little book called "365 Laimes zibšņi" (365 Flashes of Happiness). It's a compilation of  quotes - one for each day.

This year, I started to use those as prompts for my daily reading, research, pondering, and writing.

And I'm amazed about the many personalities that I didn't know anything or very little about (most of them passed away already) and happy to get to know them and their work more or at least a bit.

Today, I "made an acquaintance" with Eric Butterworth, among other amazing things, the author of "Discover the Power Within You" (first time published in the sixties, when I was a school girl behind the "steel curtain") and "Spiritual Economics".

Right now, I'm reading his article "A New Look At Jesus" and am really amazed how much his view resonates with they way I currently see "the most important individual figure in the history of the world".

"How many times have you heard or read or perhaps seen scrawled in public places, the words from John 3:16: "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life"? That seems to imply that we should believe on the son, and it is understandable to assume that it means Jesus. Here is what Meister Eckhart, a medieval monk, who was a delightful person and a tremendous philosopher, said of this passage: "God never begot but one son, but the Eternal is forever begetting the only begotten." The "only begotten son," as he puts it, is that which is begotten only of God; this refers to that of man, that of you and me, which is not human, not of the world, that does not come from a certain heredity or environment. It refers to that of us, which also means that of you, that is the pure creation of God. It is our unitive relationship with God. It is that of us which is forever at one [with God], forever God's Child, forever God expressing through us, even beyond the seeming limitations of life. When we believe on this innate unity, this innate Divine Potential, then he shall not die, "but have everlasting life.""

Read the whole article here.

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