Flower bed on my balcony / Puķu dobe uz mana balkona - 08.06.09

As the seedlings of that kind of balsam are not feeling and developing well on my balcony (they obviously need more warmth and sun) I bought some new ones of another kind and planted them between the first ones. / Tā kā tās šķirnes balzamīņu stādiņi nejutās un neauga labi uz mana balkona (tiem acīm redzami nepieciešams vairāk siltuma un saules), nopirku citas šķirnes stādus un iestādīju tiem pa vidu.

Previous chapters of the story here, here, here, here, here and here. / Stāsta iepriekšējās nodaļas šeit, šeit, šeit, šeit, šeit un šeit.


Anonymous said...

I believe they will revive and yearn to grow with their new friends next to them. :)

karuski said...

It can be tricky with plants and flowers. Some of mine which I planted from seeds haven't managed to survive. Good luck with yours:)


ingermaaike said...

I am never very successful with plants in pots, but you will see now it starts warming up they will suddenly take off!

ArtMind said...

I love plant which have flowers & I hope you will get sunshine soon so that they can grow and make your day happy! :)