My Creative Space - Art Journalig and Beaded Butterfly

Last week was pretty productive for me: finished and delivered 2 pretty big translations, filled the last full spread in my first art journal inspired by the e-course by Effy Wild, started a new art journal, beaded a butterfly, made a mixed media piece with a candle, painted a couple of sheets of paper and did at least one sketch every day.
 Devoted to my daughter
 Cover of the new journal
Wording: Autumn. RitaJC a Latvian 
My entry to the EST challenge Leaves hosted by Petronella
 Wording: Look forward!
 Fairies don't fly in winter time
(might be unfinished)
Altered pattern by alexis

And, no, you don't want to see my crappy sketches! :)

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Yana said...

beautiful drawings and that butterfly is just gorgeous! :)

Terrie said...

Love your works, particularl the one with leaves - Ruden Autumn.

Angie said...

Lovely artworks! Your tree reminds me of one my Klimt, so beautiful :)

helly5 said...

Beautiful, creative pieces :)