Sunshine in the Mail Swap - Rita Has a Happy!!! :D

I know, I know, every day is just great, no matter what you feel, and such. But yesterday was one of the days, it wasn't hard to believe it at all, although it started with rain and me forgetting the umbrella and ended with my son saying: "A stupid story", when I finished to read a part of "The Mastery Of Love" by Don  Miguel Ruiz to him before he fell asleep. (Thank goodness, I could just smile and say: "Good night, sweetie!") There were cooking, letting my bones to be checked, delivering a package to the post office, shopping and conducting a workshop in the town in between. And I'm still tired from it all, but there is one more thing, that made me feel really "sunshine and roses and lollipops" and stand up at 7 and start today with arting in my journal: I received a love package from my adorable Sunshine in the Mail Swap partner Yana Riethmuller.

When I opened the box, there was a WOW! and a pity to tear up all the package made with so much love and taste.
And there were even more WOW!z and appreciation, when I started to open them one by one. It felt so overwhelming great to be spoiled rotten by a person I don't know personally and didn't have any contacts to even online before this swap :D
And right away, I started a spread in my journal to use some pieces of the packaging and to capture these wonderful feelings awoken by a couple of small things made and packaged with great love.
Today, I'm still working on it and still feeling great. The wording for now: The Unexpected (that I'm mostly afraid of like: swaps mostly doesn't work for me, what if this doesn't, too?) can be the Great. :) Sorry for the bad images, there is not much of light here today: the rest of the tropical storm Katia has reached us. Thank goodness, today, when I can stay inside, and not yesterday, when I had to go to the town. :)

Thank you so much, Sheree and Yana! To say this swap worked for me, would mean to say nothing! :)

Wishing you all a great day with loads of unexpected great feelings and experiences! Cheers!


baahar said...

What a wonderful surprise indeed :) Yay for swaps !!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, Rita, what a fabulous haul of goodies! And pretty tissue paper to save for collage!! lol

Very happy post indeed; enjoy it. <3

Seaweed and Raine said...

Hi Rita!
Glad I could help bring a little sunshine to your day. I hope you will have many more sunshiny days coming your way. :)

Angieclementine said...

Sounds like an amazing day, I bet you were so so so happy!

matchstickgirl said...

So nice !!! Lovely surprises! :)

Louise said...

How lovely Rita, what a fabulous packeage for a fabulous lady, had to lol at your sones comments. Boys can be such boys!

love and light


Silver Threads of Happiness said...

I received my sunshine in the mail package from you this week as well, thank you so much! Exciting goodies in the mail are just the best aren't they?