My Creative Space

This week, I'm pretty busy with another translation and the beginning of a new semester at school, but feeling better than during the first 10 days of the year :)
I manage to art in the breaks along with Effy Wild and her Book of Days ...
 ... and Tamara Laporte and her "Lifebook".
I even created my first ever ATC for a challenge by Rachelle Panagarry.
And I knit ruffled scarves, while watching movies before going to bed. :)
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Kel said...

wow - you've got a lot of creative projects going on at once
looks like you're having fun with them all

tessyluv45 said...

I love your work thanks for following me!

Gin (Subtle Harmony) said...

Oh, I LOVE these! I'm taking Life Book too but I haven't started yet (I feel soooo behind there already!). I'm sure I'll love it once I get started, though. I'm having an absolutely wonderful time with Book of Days, and I've enjoyed your posts and pictures on the group's facebook page. Thank you so much for sharing your work and your art! :)

Gina said...

Wow! Didn't feel like taking a rest during the hols then lol :D Fabulous projects, and the lady in your life book is totally awesome :D XXX