My Creative Space

Last week was a really busy and stressful one: had a couple of technically tough translation projects and one of my sons was moving to Canada and visiting us together with his partner on Saturday (and leaving loads of his stuff in our tiny shabby place). And the capricious spring weather wasn't helping me to recover at all: I was feeling better on the sunny days, but have almost no energy on the dull and rainy ones :(
So not much of artsy activities completed in my creative space to show off today, just a couple of art journal pages
 Saying good bye...
Chapters begin and come to an end, but  the way goes on
Reminder to my freaking out ego: I am, who I am, no matter, what anybody is thinking of me :)
 Inspired by this video in Seed Journals with Milliande Demetriou
Feels unfinished, I might go back to this one some day in the future

And there is another old work book prepared to be my next art journal. YAY! 

I 'm sorry for the bad images again: not much of a good daylight here in the North for now.

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Gina said...

Your journal pages are awesome!!! you are awesome!!! We are awesome!!! Who cares if we are not the kind of awesome somebody else expects us to be...we are our own special kind of AWESOME!!! :D XXX

Tralasong said...

Beautiful work, Rita! xoDi

BlackPumpkin said...

Amazing journal pages!!! Thank you for visiting!