Face #10 of 29

As some of you know, I'm participating in the 29 Faces in May challenge and working on some kind of a face since the 1st of May every day. But today was pretty full with other things: a couple of Etsy sales to pack, a workshop at school, line dance practice and shopping in the evening besides of the daily care for my 2 youngest kids and 6 animals plus I slept in after watching some great videos last night. So my face for today is a graphite sketch from a photograph of my daughter I did a couple of days ago. I don't like it much, as it feels completely out of proportion and a bit of spooky, but she likes it :)
As Thursday is the day of Creative Spaces jump over to this site and be ready for an inspirational blast!


Fay said...

I think it's lovely. Way better than anything I could draw that's for sure!

Coleen said...

Rita, I think it is a lovely picture. I'm the one who was on Tee's class. I'm an American, but we've been living in Ukraine for 18 years, tho' we are in Spain at the moment waiting to redo our visa. I teach art here. I"m following you now, hope you'll follow on mine. Us European artists have to stick together.
Blessings, Coleen

Tee Thompson said...

I'm with your daughter, I like it.