Face #11 of 29

Today, I have continued to work at the large abstract portrait you have seen twice already and I have not a slightest clue, how it will end up :)
What started out as cleaning of my brush, looks close to this for now.
I love it and had such a blast playing with it! Working abstract and without any pre-planning gives me the most of joy and makes me feel the most of confident and strong in my artistic part. There is no doubt about that :)
(Sorry for the bad images: we don't have much of light here today)


Gina said...

She is GLORIOUS!!! Rita :D I would call her Gloria if she were mine :D XXX

Coleen said...

Quite a challenge doing faces all month long. Good for you. Will go a long ways in the practice of art. I should do the same.
Coleen, back in Spain for the moment.