Face #8 of 29

As I don't like to make art from what my physical eyes see, I went almost straight to the last lessons in Misty Mawn's Open Studio e-course, where she teaches to create abstract art, and just loved them! So my face for today started out as an abstract drawing with water color pencils. And than I went for brave and bold!
As I had no much time for art today, it's definitely still a work in progress, and who knows, how it will end up. Obviously, this is the third person of this kind, that made an appearance on my sheets lately. I have no idea, who they (or is it just one) are, men, women, angels, aliens, or something inside of me trying to become seen? But they keep coming and I enjoy the process :)


Pink Pearl ® said...

What a beautifull work you made.
I like the way they are.

♥ Pink Pearl ( Helmie )

Tralasong said...

OOOh!! LOVE these Rita!! xoDi

Gina said...

Wow this is a fabulous image...have you tried looking through images on the internet to see if you recognise someone or something? Or, when you look at this face...do you hear a name in your head? What message is this person trying to give to you?

Walk in the Woods said...

Well … whoever "they" are … "they" are teachers, friends … beautiful. :)